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Jul 29, 2012 4:03pm EDT
secretary, i apologize. >> well, u.s. the wrong question, with a lot of insinuation. it is not fair to the men and women who work in this area. >> if it had been in place at the time, prior to the fort hood massacre, would it have prevented a major from carrying out that terrorist attack? >> it is difficult to give you a firm yes or no, but i can tell you that the curriculum goes to the indicators of someone who is moved from extreme ideology and i will be happy to provide a briefing on that. >> i would be happy. we would be very interested in hearing that. also, the curriculum described in your testimony, how will it prevent homegrown terrorists without singling out individual groups due to religious or political beliefs? with that question, i want to remind you that there are individuals in your department who have described people who are military veterans, gun owners, christian conservatives, they have been described as terrorists. how to prevent me from being singled out as a terrorist? someone like him from not being a terrorist? >> representative, as you know, the court that
Jul 29, 2012 4:07pm EDT
us. it is starting to take intelligence from people on the ground to do so. as well as those that try to prevent these kinds of attacks. mr. chairman? >> mr. clark is recognized for five minutes. >> [inaudible] >> i do not think it your microphone is working. i do not think that it is being picked up. sorry. try the of the microphone. >> all right. >> is it turned on? >> all right. [laughter] >> this one was just used by mr. richardson. this is yours? we will go from clark to clark. >> thank you, mr. chair. secretary, thank you again for recognizing and protecting the system for the key priority of the illustration. as you are well aware -- well aware, this is a high risk area. if the underwear bomber had been successful a huge commercial aircraft would have blown up over metropolitan detroit. my concern is how to best warn the public about an imminent danger like this so that they can take cover immediately. i feel that one of the most reliable ways to do so is to alert the public through the free vocal broadcasting media tv and radio. while many people in detroit rely on televisions
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2